[closed beta]

A zero-dependency static site hosting service for hackers.

Closed beta

Anyone can get an invite!

The only requirement is to stay in our IRC channel and be willing to provide feedback on how we can improve the service.

Join our IRC channel @ and ask for an invite.



Create your account with Public-Key Cryptography

We don't want your email address.

To get started, simply ssh into our content management system:

note: new is a special username that will always send you to account creation, even with multiple accounts associated with your key-pair.
note: getting permission denied? read this

After that, just set a username and you're ready to start writing! When you SSH again, use your username that you set in the CMS.

Publish your site with one command

When your site is ready to be published, copy the files to our server with a familiar command:

scp -r *

That's it! There's no need to formally create a project, we create them on-the-fly. Further, we provide TLS for every project automatically. In this case the url for the project above would look something like https://{username}

Manage your projects with a remote CLI

Our management system is done via ssh commands. Type the following command to learn more:

ssh help

Project promotion and rollbacks

Additionally you can setup a pipeline for promotion and rollbacks, which will instantly update your project.

ssh link project-prod project-d0131d4

A common way to perform promotions within is to setup CI/CD so every push to main would trigger a build and create a new project based on the git commit hash (e.g. project-d0131d4).

This command will create a symbolic link from project-prod to project-d0131d4. Want to rollback a release? Just change the link for project-prod to a previous project.

We also built a github action that handles all the logic for uploading to Here's an example of it in action.


Creating a static website should be as simple as copying files from a local folder to a server. We also believe in creating limited but feature-rich products without the user needing to install anything on their computer.

Read more about team pico's philosophy here.


  1. Should we charge customers for more storage?
  2. Github integration (e.g. post comment on PR with preview site)